Formation SECOPS-Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations

After completing this course you should be able to:
Define a SOC and the various job roles in a SOC
Understand SOC infrastructure tools and systems
Learn basic incident analysis for a threat centric SOC
Explore resources available to assist with an investigation
Explain basic event correlation and normalization
Describe common attack vectors
Learn how to identifying malicious activity
Understand the concept of a playbook
Describe and explain an incident respond handbook
Define types of SOC Metrics
Understand SOC Workflow Management system and automation

Contenu de la formation
SOC Overview
Defining the Security Operations Center
Understanding NSM Tools and Data
Understanding Incident Analysis in a Threat-Centric SOC
Identifying Resources for Hunting Cyber Threats
Security Incident Investigations
Understanding Event Correlation and Normalization
Identifying Common Attack Vectors
Identifying Malicious Activity
Identifying Patterns of Susupicious Behavior
Conducting Security Incident Investigations
SOC Operations
Describing the SOC Playbook
Understanding the SOC Metrics
Understanding the SOC WMS and Automation
Describing the Incident Response Plan
Appendix A - Describing the Computer Security Incident Response Team
Appendix B - Understanding the use of VERIS
Guided Lab 1: Explore Network Security Monitoring Tools
Discovery 1: Investigate Hacker Methodology
Discovery 2: Hunt Malicious Traffic
Discovery 3: Correlate Event Logs, PCAPs, and Alerts of an Attack
Discovery 4: Investigate Browser-Based Attacks
Discovery 5: Analyze Suspicious DNS Activity
Discovery 6: Investigate Suspicious Activity Using Security Onion
Discovery 7: Investigate Advanced Persistent Threats
Discovery 8: Explore SOC Playbooks
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